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  • 品質 Quality
  • 誠信Integrity

  • 服務 Service

  • 創新 Innovation

  • 卓越 Excellence



進料檢驗 - 把從客戶端取回的刀具進行預檢和分類
修磨 - 可以完成復雜刀具和尺寸嚴格的刀具修磨
刃口處理 - 根據刀具的應用進行相應的刃口處理
品質檢驗 - 采用專業的刀具檢測設備進行尺寸檢測
清洗 - 刀具送到涂層公司前的預清洗
涂層 - 根據刀具的應用需要加以最合適的涂層
后處理 - 根據客戶應用的需要采取不同方式的刀具后處理
出貨檢驗 -確保翻新后的刀具擁有與新刀一樣的性能


Cutting Tools Recondition Service
Beyond Re-sharpening
TRANYA – provides complete reconditioning service of various cutting tools.
- Regrinding by Germany made high level tool grinders.
- Recoating by world class professional coating companies.
- Equal to new after reconditioning, same performance.
- Shortest delivery time saves both time and money.

Reconditioning Flow Chart
Incoming Inspection - Precheck and categorize the tools picked up from customers
Regrinding- Able to handle complex and tight tolerance tools.
Edge Preparation- Prepare the edge according to tools’ application.
Quality Inspection- Tools be measured by professional inspection equipment.
Cleaning- Precleaning the tools before delivery to coating company.
Recoating - Apply suitable coating base on tools’ application.
Post Treatment- Post-treatment as tailored to customers’ application.
Final Inspection –Ensure all the reconditioned tools have the same performance as new ones.
What makes our reconditioning program different than others?
? Proven repeatability
? Competitive brands welcomed
? Expeditious turnaround time
? Rigorous inspection (before & after)
? Higher ROI on original tool cost
? Elevated customer service care

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